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Why REKON Consulting?

We provide a structured and disciplined approach to problem-solving and delivering results. We will listen, analyse, question, and when appropriate, challenge you. We help you to implement the right solution for your organisation

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Why REKON Consulting?

We provide a structured and disciplined approach to problem-solving and delivering results. We will listen, analyse, question, and when appropriate, challenge you. We help you to implement the right solution for your organisation

Hire a Rekon consultant

Common issues:

  • There is no apparent link between the strategy and what we do on a day-to-day basis
  • We talk a lot about culture but no one can tell me what it means to me
  • We are very reactive, go from one crisis to another
  • We are overly bureaucratic, its hard to get things done
  • We are very busy but don’t seem to be making progress
  • We all talk a different language, there is no common way of working
  • Collaboration is poor we work in silos
  • We seem to spend all day in meetings or sending emails.

REKON can assist you with:

  • Creating a direct link between your strategy and work being done on a day-to-day basis
  • Driving a culture of excellence
  • Moving from a reactive to a strategic organisation
  • Replacing bureaucracy with empowerment
  • Embedding a way of working that drives alignment, unity of purpose and ultimately results
  • Creating a common language around decision-making and implementation that is scalable and flexible
  • Improving collaboration and visibility of tasks
  • Reducing emails and increasing work to be done.

If you want the best…

REKON is it…we take pride in seeing our clients achieve outstanding results!


Our experts are successful practitioners, bringing years of industry experience to the consulting world. This practical knowledge and business acumen sets us apart from our competitors and results in a more thoughtful solution for your business needs.


We provide advice and guidance to organisations across any industry in:

People: Leadership and Culture
Planning: Strategy, Planning and Decision-Making, and
Performing: Execution, Change Management and Continuous Improvement.


We believe there is no one who understands the nuances of your business better than you, but sometimes an objective expert is required to break the status quo and/or accelerate progress. We will listen, analyse, question, and when appropriate challenge you…sometimes bluntly… but always with your best interests at heart. Our proprietary REKONP3™ approach is a structured and disciplined step by step collaborative process to develop solutions you own and can implement.

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Understanding your needs

We can help you with some of your most difficult business transitions, help you create a better performance culture including:

Survey your organisation

Our Organisational Performance and Culture Survey will provide a simple and intuitive framework to diagnose the culture and performance of your organisation and/or team.

Successfully drive change

We will demystify change management for you and step you through a logical and simple process to successfully drive change within your organisation.

Optimise your operating model

Optimise your operating model. Align your strategy, structure, decision-rights, governance, systems, processes and technology for optimal results.

Institute best practice business planning

We will help you install the best practice strategy and business planning across your organisation, driving alignment and unity of purpose.

Drive margin growth and increase your enterprise value

Systematically and diligently increase your margins. Institute a disciplined and structured approach to identifying cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities.

Drive revenue growth and alignment

Develop an integrated strategy focussed on delivering value to customers and outperforming the competition in a competitive market.

Who we work with

Meet your team of experts

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Anthony Collins

Director / Executive Consultant
With over 20 years’ in wealth management and financial...
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Peter Winnall, DSM and Bar

Managing Director
Pete is the founder and Managing Director of REKON...
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Shani Logan

Senior Consultant
Shani has more than 15 years’ experience in leadership...
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Lucio Della Martina

Executive Consultant
Former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Nexus...
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Simple, intuitive knowledge and tools that work

People are the most important element of any business. REKONP3™ will teach you the fundamentals of leadership, enabling you to foster a culture of excellence and drive high-performance teams in your organisation.

Planning and decision-making are essential for high-performance. REKONP3™ teaches a simple and intuitive decision-making process for use at all levels in your workplace.

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