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Rekon Group Pty Ltd provides a different consulting experience. You will find our process engaging and fun. We do not pretend to be an expert in your industry; but we are experts in ours. Together we deliver practical solutions that you can implement and deliver.

Survey your organisation

Our Organisational Performance and Culture Survey will provide a simple and intuitive framework to diagnose the culture and performance of your organisation and/or team.

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Successfully drive change

We will demystify change management for you and step you through a logical and simple process to successfully drive change within your organisation.

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Optimise your operating model

Optimise your operating model. Align your strategy, structure, decision-rights, governance, systems, processes and technology for optimal results.

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Institute best practice business planning

We will help you install the best practice strategy and business planning across your organisation, driving alignment and unity of purpose.

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Drive margin growth and increase your enterprise value

Systematically and diligently increase your margins. Institute a disciplined and structured approach to identifying cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities.

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Drive revenue growth and alignment

Develop an integrated strategy focussed on delivering value to customers and outperforming the competition in a competitive market.

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Transform your organisation

Transform your organisation by driving a step-change in the quality of speed of decision-making in your business. Build capacity and capability at all levels within your organisation.

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Simple, intuitive knowledge and tools that work

People are the most important element of any business. REKONP3™ will teach you the fundamentals of leadership, enabling you to foster a culture of excellence and drive high-performance teams in your organisation.

Planning and decision-making are essential for high-performance. REKONP3™ teaches a simple and intuitive decision-making process for use at all levels in your workplace.

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