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The REKONP3™ approach is understanding that RESULTS are the potent combination of PEOPLE x PLANNING x PERFORMING. Sub-optimal performance in just one element will impact the overall outcome.  

A single structured method for better decision making



Become the leader people are still talking about years later.


Identify and craft the right culture for your organisation.


Decision making

Confidence to make better quality decisions, faster.


Long and short term plans with military precision, leaving nothing to chance.



Learn the seven essential element to communicate a task.


Execute plans with precision. Meet and exceed expectations.

Scalable tools and processes for all levels of the organisation

The REKONP3™ approach to decision-making and planning has been proven to drive results

If you are a professional wanting to improve your performance and job prospects, or a leader within an organisation who sees room for improvement in your workplace, REKONP3™ is the solution for you. The REKONP3™ approach to decision-making and planning has been proven to drive results. The REKONP3™ is supported with a comprehensive suite of business tools, developed by outstanding leaders in their field focusing on the essential aspects of business performance.

REKONP3™ Approach


People are the heart of any organisation. They drive success or failure of an organisation. The REKONP3™ leadership framework places great emphasis on the concept of trust and has become a pragmatic guide for developing leaders. Under this model, leaders learn how to build personal and professional trust with their team. Without trust a leader cannot unlock the full potential of a team.


Effective planning is a pre-requisite for any operation or activity, yet is often neglected or done poorly. The REKONP3™ has developed a range of tools that:

  • improves quality and speed of decision-making
  • facilitates the cascading of strategy and plans through an entire organisation, thereby driving alignment and organisational buy-in
  • provides a common decision-making process that is suitable for all functions and all layers within an organisation


The final element of the REKONP3™ is performance, which deals with the way in which organisations execute or carry out their business, be it specific projects or business-as-usual. Performance has three essential components:

  • Clarifying responsibilities and accountabilities using the DIRECT not dictate™ tool
  • Measuring what matters
  • Monitoring and reviewing

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The eBook will guide you through the REKONP3™ and explain the tools we have developed to boost performance in companies operating in sectors as diverse as resources, industrial services, financial services, health, sales, IT and technology

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Case Studies
Peter Winnall, DSM and Bar

Typically when we first visit an organisation  we work with the organisation to identify the areas where the organisation believes they have an issue. In some organisations the issues lie with just one of the Ps, whereas in others the issues exist across all three Ps. The level of maturity or sophistication may vary cross the three Ps, so we are careful not to jump to conclusions.

There are instances where we find organisations in crisis. The organisation may be slow, bureaucratic and/or inefficient. Leadership is absent and there is a culture of mis-trust. There is a lack of consistency in the tools or language they use, there are no common decision-making processes or alignment, and/or decisions are made but not implemented or they are implemented poorly. Such organisations often face stiff competition in a dynamic industry and have no idea what to do next. They have sub-standard outcomes. Conflict and friction simmer just below the surface and sometimes boil over. Everyone is unhappy – sub-cultures fester and the people and organisation suffer.

When we start training these organisations in the REKONP3™method, we see an improvement almost immediately. The REKONP3™ helps people to build leadership capability, based on trust and a culture of excellence. The DECIDE™ decision-making process immediately creates a common language for making better quality decisions faster. The DIRECT™ tool ensures that tasks are communicated effectively and efficiently. The REKONP3™ starts to gain traction and results in increased efficiency. At REKON Group we are very proud when we see our clients using our tools to outperform their competition and generate their own momentum.

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We believe solutions should be developed by the people who will implement them – you! We step you through the REKONDECIDE™ process to define the problem and develop innovative and practical solutions. Our role is to aggressively challenge the status quo and group think. We will use techniques to ensure innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking.