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What we do

Service Offerings

Transform your organisation

Drive a step change in the quality of speed of decision-making in your business. Build capacity and capability at all levels within your organisation.

Drive revenue growth and alignment

Develop an integrated strategy focussed on delivering value to customers and outperforming the competition in a competitive market.

Drive margin growth and increase your enterprise value

Systematically and diligently increase your margins. Institute a disciplined and structured approach to identifying cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities.

Institute best practice business planning

We will help you install best practise strategy and business planning across your organisation driving alignment and unity of purpose.

Optimise your operating model

Optimise your operating model. Align your strategy, structure, decision-rights, governance, systems, processes and technology for optimal results.

Successfully drive change

We will demystify change management for you and step you through a logical and simple process to successfully drive change within your organisation.

Survey your organisation

Our Organisational Performance and Culture Survey will provide a simple and intuitive framework to diagnose the culture and performance of your organisation and/or team.

Our point of difference
Rekon Differnce

Rekon Group Pty Ltd provides a different consulting experience. You will find our process engaging and fun.

We do not pretend to be an expert in your industry; but we are experts in ours. Together we deliver practical solutions that you can implement and deliver. We provide the structured and disciplined approach to delivering results as well as expertise in leadership, culture, strategy, execution, and change management. You bring the industry experience and knowledge. We believe solutions should be developed by the people who will implement it – you! We step you through the Rekon DECIDE™ process to define the problem and develop innovative and practical solutions. Our role is to aggressively challenge the status quo and group think. We will use techniques to ensure innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking.

The outcome is a solution combining the best of both worlds and guarantees successful implementation.

Our practice areas


  • Leadership – Providing executive coaching to drive your organisational outcomes.
  • Culture – Embedding a culture of excellence within your organisation.


  • Strategy – Developing simple and implementable strategies and plans to defeat your competition.
  • Decision-making – Embedding simple and intuitive tools and processes to optimise decision making across your business (a common language across your organisation).
  • Business planning – Embedding a structured and disciplined business planning cycle across your business to drive alignment and buy-in.


  • Effective strategy and planning communication – Communicating your strategy and plans so nothing is left to chance. Covering all essential elements for effective communication.
  • Monitoring and reviewing – Developing effective monitoring and reviewing cadence for your organisation with the right metrics. Leaving nothing to chance.
  • Change management – Deliver any type of change initiative (no matter how complex it may be). Demystifying change management for you.

Operating Model design

Optimise your operating model to align to your strategy, improve collaboration, and effectively deliver results.
Our approach
Step 1

Understand your requirements

You tell us what you need – before we develop a solution, we need to know the challenge. Alternatively, our Organisational Performance and Culture survey will help us pinpoint areas of focus.

Step 2

Assemble team

It is not one-size fits all. We draw on a pool of consultants who are experts in their field. All our consultants have practical experience in delivering results in the workplace.

Step 3

Collaborate to develop solutions

Collaborate to agree the intent, objectives and preferred option to address the challenge using the Rekon Group developed Rekon DECIDE™ planning and decision-making process.

Step 4

Implement solutions

Once the preferred solution has been developed it needs to be communicated, executed and monitored. Using proprietary Rekon tools we help ensure initiatives are implemented with precision.

Step 5

Knowledge transfer and handover

Success is the transition of a project back to you (our clients). Our aim is to ensure your organisation is able to operate independently.

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