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Category: Planning

Six ways planning improves performance

Business planning is often a high-level exercise undertaken periodically, or a reactive process initiated by a crisis. Effective planning should be regular and structured to optimise performance across your...
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Make excellent decision-making a habit for you

Your decisions, individual or collective, drive performance. The ability to make excellent decision-making a habit at an individual and collective level is the cornerstone of success in all aspects...
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Harness the power of collaborative planning

“The men who parachuted into Normandy prior to D-Day weren’t successful because someone was directing their every move, or because they were following a highly scripted plan. Instead, they...
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Rekon Group Golden Rules of Planning

Planning: Rekon Group Golden Rules of Planning. Click here to watch the you tube animation of Golden Rules of Planning. Now let’s talk about the Rekon Group Golden Rules...
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